As an avid beer drinker, and a person who regularly travels to new cities, I often struggle finding the perfect place to grab a pint when in unfamiliar territory. You know what would be great? A guide to Portland breweries by neighborhood. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, consider this thought experiment:

You’re looking for a brewery in Portland. But, not just any part of Portland, a specific neighborhood. Now consider that you’re only looking for places known for having great food to pair with their amazing craft beer selection. Or, that you are specifically looking for a place that has a pet-friendly patio so you and your furry friend can enjoy a pint under the sun.

That is why I created a database that allows you to search for the amenities that matter to YOU.

There are so many reasons why this database is extremely useful. I have named just a few. It can also be used as a reference guide for planning a brewery tour in your neighborhood.

If you think of any other qualities or amenities of breweries you would like me to add to the database (happy hours, anyone?), please feel free to suggest them by leaving a note in the comment section.

Til’ next time.