Beer snobbery is all the rage these days. Trust me, I know how easy it is to point and laugh at those “pretentious” hipsters with their early twentieth-century mustaches (see below).

Credit: Some Hipster Blog

Making matters worse is their often exceptional ability to acquire stylish threads with little-to-no wardrobe budget. Even if you dislike the way they dress, can you, at least, admit that they have mastered the art of navigating the dizzying maze that is too-casual, casual, and business casual? I mean, seriously… beer snob hipsters have, in many ways, reset pop culture. I know, it’s ironic.

Yes, they have their flaws. Yes, they can be pretentious. But, here are five reasons why you should consider dating a beer snob (FYI, if you haven’t guessed by now, I am, indeed, a beer snob myself!):

Reason 1: They appreciate the details

Reason 2: They tend to cook for their partner(s)

Reason 3: They can tell you which beer(s) to pair with your meal

Reason 4: They have a ton of cool brewery tees you can steal


Reason 5: That facial hair is good for tickling more than just the froth in their mug